Atlanta getting props again after the Food & Wine fest

Courtesy- Esquire Magaxine

Courtesy- Esquire Magaxine

Maybe this will become an annual thing?

For the second year running, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival has made a lasting impression on a certain food writer and he can’t help but gush about how awesome we are. Again.

Once again, Josh Ozersky, now writing the “Eat Like A Man” column over at Esquire, has come out with his love for the food scene in Atlanta.

Much like last year, Ozersky names the South as the “great American food region right now,” and, as the capital of the South, Atlanta is epicenter of some of the most exciting and original American cuisine in the lower 48.

Aside from his name dropping from the festival – Julian Van Winkle and Houston’s Chris Shepherd make the ilst – he also gives Kevin Gilespie’s Gunshow some mad props, calling it “lardcore at its very best” and that he suspects “it will become a template for a new kind of restaurant.” Holeman & Finch, King & Duke, and The Optimist all get shout-outs as well.

You can check out his love letter to Atlanta here.

-By Jon Watson, Food & More blog

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