Can an app help teachers better manage class behavior?

Are star charts and pulling strips passé? Could a teacher manage classroom behavior better with an app?

A fourth-grade teacher wrote a review of a new behavior app called ClassDojo. Teachers can run if off their class computer, Smarboards or their smartphones. It helps track positive and negative points, can easily be sent to parents for behavior reports and can trend spot for problem days and times in the classrooms. Here’s more on the app.

From Edutopia:

“ClassDojo is simple to use. You set up a class, or classes. Each class has avatars assigned for each of your students. Once your class is set up, you have the ability to award points, affectionately known as “dojos” in my classroom, for positive or negative behavior. You can award individual or multiple students.

“The app comes with a list of behaviors, but you can create your own list. That’s what I did as the school year wore on (i.e. homework, contest winner, etc.). ClassDojo can be used with your interactive whiteboard, laptops, desktops or smart phones. Students get immediate feedback to their behavior by the distinctive sound made when their avatar is clicked. ….”

“ClassDojo automatically keeps track of the behavior in your classroom by tracking the behaviors that were clicked. You can set it up to create reports that are emailed to the parents. Parents can connect through printed or emailed invites. Once they connect, they receive an email every Friday reminding them to view their child’s reports. The parents of my students enjoy receiving the reports because it keeps them in the loop.”

The teacher can not only share data but look for trends in behavior – such as every Friday we have problems.

So I’m very interested in what our teachers on the blog think? Have you tried any type of app to track classroom behavior? Have you used this app? Would you try the ClassDojo? Do you think it would be easier to use than the star chart or to move a stick? Do you think the kids would be more responsive to the technology and having their own avatar? Would you like the ability to send reports and trend spot?

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