Coming on too strong

You have probably been in this situation before:  You reluctantly give someone your phone number and they immediately make you regret it.  They are eager to get to know you and may start to come on a little too strong.  It doesn’t mean you should cut them off, though.

My friend Lana told me about meeting her husband at Kroger.  He  talked to her from produce aisle to the frozen section.  He also called her every day until she finally relented and went out with him.  On their first date, she was blown away.  Somehow she missed how wonderful and good looking he truly was.  She was too busy dodging his calls!

Do you think that being persistent and coming on a bit strong is a good tactic?  Apparently, it works for some people!  If you like someone but they were coming on too strong, would you let them know to ease up?

How can you tell if you are going overboard in your pursuit?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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