Dating: Do you need titles?

One of our readers is a little upset with her man after he introduced her as a friend to someone.   They have not been dating that long and there actually has not been a talk of exclusivity.  So why would she get mad at the friend title? I will give you one little guess.  Here’s a hint: It starts with s and ends in expectations. Sexpectations!

No, it’s not a real word but it is a real emotion.  It is what happens when a woman sleeps with a guy without a clearly defined relationship.  Sex is added to the mix and suddenly she demands girlfriend status.  At the very least, she does not want to be introduced as a FRIEND.

Do you think it is necessary to have a title in dating?  What do you do when  you have not reached the stage of dating where things are ready to be defined?

Do you think our reader should mention how disappointed she was to her guy? Is that the way the exclusive topic should come up?

Do you think it is silly to call one another boyfriend/girlfriend after a certain age?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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