Did Kate leave the hospital too early? How long did you stay?

I think Duchess Kate and Prince William were trying to be considerate of others leaving the hospital so soon after the birth of the baby – barely more than 24 hours later. I am sure their presence created quite a lot of logistical difficulties for the other patients and their families. And I know Diana left similarly early.

(The AJC just posted a great slide show with some close ups of the baby. Many of the best photos from AP!)

However, I just think it’s too soon!! The poor girl is most likely still recovering. (The morning after I gave birth to my first I nearly passed out walking down the hall from blood loss.)

I would doubt that Kate’s milk has come in yet and she may need help with all of that.

Also things like jaundice sometimes don’t show up until 24 to 48 hours after birth. I had a good friend that took her baby home after one day and then had serious issues with jaundice.

I know some moms just want to get to the peace and quiet of their homes. They don’t like the nurses checking on them and the babies. But there are reasons why they are checking! (Also some women leave early because their insurance won’t pay for any more nights.)

I hope that Kate will have doctors and nurses looking in on her and the baby to make sure they both are well.

How long did you stay in the hospital? What is the optimum time? Is 24 hours too short of time to stay? Did you have home nurses checking on you? Did they catch any problems for you or the baby?

(P.S. We climbed Stone Mountain this morning and were coming down when we heard all those sirens. The update says it happened near the Bird Sanctuary Trail. I don’t know that trail.)

Source Article from http://blogs.ajc.com/momania/2013/07/23/did-kate-leave-the-hospital-too-early-how-long-did-you-stay/?cxntfid=blogs_momania

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