Do you comment on your exes’ FB photos of the kids? What about the ex-in-laws?

I was scrolling through Facebook a few weeks back and noticed the ex-in-law of a divorced couple commenting on the former daughter-in-law’s page. It was photos of the kids but she is remarried. They’re obviously still the kids’ grandparents, and I guess they stayed on good terms but it was just odd to see the former husbands’ parents commenting on her page.

Another odd situation I’ve noticed lately is when you’ve stayed on FB with both parents even after they’ve gotten divorced and watching one the parents take a romantic trip with someone else. I stayed on FB with this one person so I could communicate easily about the kids coming over to play but I wasn’t thrilled to see him enjoy a romantic trip with some lady.

What do you think? Is it weird to see ex-in-laws commenting on FB photos? Do you guys see that? Do you unfriend at least one of the people when a couple gets divorced or do you stay on with both? Have you had the same experience of seeing the man or woman taking a romantic trip with someone else?

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