I’m in Atlanta enjoying rain, family and friends

I don’t think I will be posting this week because I am in Atlanta with my kids visiting my parents for my father’s 70th birthday. The kids haven’t been here in two years, and we are thoroughly enjoying being with family and seeing some old friends. I also am enjoying the rain. (My mother is not happy about it because her roof is leaking.)

We took Lilina to see the American Girl store on Saturday and went to my parent’s church on Sunday to see all their friends. We are hoping to hit Lake Lanier’s water park on Wednesday with my brother’s family. And then we will be celebrating my dad’s big birthday at the end of the week. I am making him the best coconut birthday cake! (We used to make the Rich’s coconut cake but it was so complicated, and I think this one tastes even better.)

Michael is home in Phoenix — having the best time ever being alone! What I wouldn’t do for 10 days alone in our house. I would CLEAN and de-clutter! What would you do with 10 days alone in your house?

P.S. I did cry when the announced Prince William and Kate’s baby was born safely and was a boy! I can’t wait to see him. I remember when Princess Diana brought out baby William!

(Lots you guys can still discuss: What would you do if alone for 10 days in your house? What would you do in Atlanta if visiting for the first time in two years? What did you think about the new royal baby? Are you glad it’s a boy or did you want a girl to shake things us? I thought it was going to be a girl.)

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