Is it OK for parents to Facebook private message new teachers?

I was having dinner with a Gwinnett County teacher last week and throughout the entire meal, her phone kept dinging with messages.

We finally asked her what was going on and she said her school posted the class lists that day and parents from her new class were  private messaging her on Facebook.

Some were saying they were excited to be in her class and others were explaining other concerns or situations.

And while I understand parents needing to communicate with teachers, I just think it’s rather presumptuous to track down the teacher through social media and bother her on her summer break.

Next week that teacher will be at school preparing for the year, and I have no issue with the parents emailing her at her school account before the first day of school. I think that’s totally appropriate, but the private messaging on FB seemed rude.

What do you think: Is private messaging your future or current teacher on FB or Twitter presumptuous and stalker-like? Or are their social media accounts fair game?

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