Is your approach is all wrong?

I was riding Marta to the airport and noticed a guy trying to get someone’s phone number.   It was hard to tell at first because his approach was rather odd. He started talking to her about his love language.  No really, he wanted her to know what his love language is.  While I commended him for originality, I wondered if this approach was working for him.  Are there women out there that are impressed if a man start’s randomly quoting love/self-help books?

My friend Lana complains about the way men approach her.   She is in her 20s and believes that men her age don’t know how to talk to women.  They are either incredibly aggressive, wholly inappropriate, or flat out comical.  Whose job is it to teach people how to approach someone on the dating scene?  Apparently, they have epically failed to teach the masses about basic dating etiquette.  Don’t stare at her boobs.  Don’t ask how much money he makes.  You get the idea, right?

Have you ever been approached by someone who used a really awful pick up line?  Do you think those awful pick up lines work with some people? When you spot someone you are interested in approaching, how do you step to them?  Do you feel confident in the way you approach a potential date? By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta

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