Love thy privacy?

When you are married or in a committed relationship, do you believe that you should be afforded some degree of privacy?  I think some people expect to give up some freedom in a relationship, but what privacy can you keep? Should people in relationships keep secrets?  Is it important to be able to have some things that you can keep to yourself?

I read a really tragic and bizarre story the other day that made me wonder about this.  A married and and his lover drowned in a hotel pool.  His wife had no idea he was on vacation, let alone with another woman!  If he told her some kind of bogus story of his whereabouts, she probably thought he was telling her the truth.  I still wonder how much freedom and privacy a married man gets to have?

If there is full trust, do you believe one should still be required to disclose information? Do you believe it is important to tell your mate everything?

What do you do when you love your privacy, but you love your partner more? Do you give it up if it makes them happier?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta Dating Blog

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