Moms, put YOU on the to-do list!

A few weeks back the dog groomer told me that my dog was suffering from allergies and needed to see the vet.

I went home and immediately called the vet to set up an appointment for the dog.

I hung up the phone, itched my eyes, wiped my nose and realized that I had needed to see the allergist for weeks but never fit myself into the family schedule. I put everyone in our family before me – even the family pet.

I went to the gynecologist on Jan. 30 and brought home the paperwork to set up an appointment for a mammogram but I never called. The paperwork sat on my dresser for several months until I finally moved it to a hanging organizer so I wouldn’t lose it. But it continued to sit.

I finally made my mammogram appointment Tuesday for today. The last thing I can fit in before the kids get out of school.

During those five months I took kids to countless pediatrician appointments, orthopedists appointments, physical therapy appointments, swim meetings, church meetings, birthday parties and play dates. I volunteered at church, at school, helped neighbors, taught school, served on an honors thesis committee but never found the time to take care of myself.

My husband thinks this is just procrastination but I don’t think so. I think it’s prioritization. I think mothers put themselves at the bottom of the to-do list and only take care of things when everything else has been accomplished or if it becomes urgent.

I know that I am not the only mother doing this. I know many of you are not making appointments to have odd moles looked at or odd periods checked out. I know many of you aren’t making time for exercise each day but are getting the kids to every single soccer practice.

Moms need to move themselves up on the to-do list. We don’t have to be first but we shouldn’t be last every single time.

What appointment have you put off? Why do women have such a hard time taking care of themselves but not everyone else?

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