New school year: Resolutions for more structure

In my continual quest for a more calm and organized home life, I am trying to institute more structure to our days.

Michael felt like it would help us to have a posted schedule this summer instead of just floating through our days.

I tend to resist structure and go more with how I am feeling. I work out at different times. I work at different times. But I realize this may not be the best structure for my kids.

So I went to the school supply store and got gigantic poster-board size laminated sheets to post a daily schedule and some family rules. The idea being that the kids will know what to expect and there will be less arguing about getting off the computer and getting exercise for example.

We’ve traveled a lot this summer so I don’t think I can evaluate yet how effective it’s been but I will be updating with the fall daily schedule.

For the fall each day has some variation so I created an Excel file for each day that I will print out and post for the kids so they can check it. I’ll also send Michael a copy so he know the family’s schedule.

Michael also thinks we would benefit from a weekly meal rotation so I’m not re-inventing the wheel each day for dinner.

Again I am not a fan of repetition so my compromise is a general meal rotation based on if I would be home to cook or driving to swim practice.

So for hot weather:

Monday – Slow cooker

Tuesday – Pasta

Wednesday – Leftovers or salad

Thursday – Fish (This is my new shopping day so I want to eat my fish fresh.)

Friday – Pizza and movie night

Saturday – Grill

Sunday – Grill

With general categories for meals, I’m not locked into a specific dish but a genre and easy cooking method for that day.

So these are my current efforts to institute more organization and smooth running to our family life. I will report back as we go along.

Do you have a posted schedule for your family? Do you have posted rules? Do you have a set meal rotation? How often do you change it? Does it get boring?

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