Our gift ideas for Father’s Day — but I need to get on it!

Father’s Day is this Sunday so I wanted to share with you a few ideas that we have.

Lilina said we should buy a red and black ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. (I’m totally doing this. He loves their Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream and cake and of course the red and black are for UGA!)

She also thinks we should get red and black balloons.

Here are some possible gift ideas that I need to pick two or so and run with it!

A new electric toothbrush – he used to have one but it finally died. I think he would like that.

A new UGA shirt for game days.

Two new Georgia collapsible chairs to take camping with us so people know who we support! (Go Dogs!) .

A wireless speaker for his iPhone to use on trips or out back.

A utility “knife” for electronic gear – charge connectors for anything you need to plug into your computer to charge. I think this would also convenient for  a trip.

My last idea is to hire a pool guy for the summer. Poor Michael spends so much time cleaning our pool and making sure it’s just right that I think he would enjoy a summer off.

But I need to make a decision and get on it ASAP!

What are your big ideas for Father’s Day? Give us some inspiration.

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