Taco Bell on the defensive after picture of employee licking shells goes viral

389673_534170106641562_842167090_nSomeone should have taught this kid that a gentlemen never kisses and posts on Facebook.

In what Taco Bell is currently spinning as a prank, an picture of an employee dragging his tongue up a stack of hard taco shells wound up on their Facebook wall. The picture was picked up in a post on Consumerist yesterday, and just 24 hours later is has exploded online, putting Taco Bell into a full blown PR nightmare.

Supposedly taken at a location in Ridgecrest, Ca., Taco Bell has come out (in the comments of the photo, not in any sort of real announcement) saying that they “believe this is a prank and the food was not served to customers.” They are apparently conducting an investigation, and swift action will be taken. Translation – You’re fired, kid.

I’m not sure what the real lesson is here – Avoid Taco Bell? Or you can’t take things back once they are on the internet, you stupid little punk, and where is my meximelt?

- Jon Watson, Food & More blog

Source Article from http://blogs.ajc.com/food-and-more/2013/06/04/taco-bell-on-the-defensive-after-picture-of-employee-licking-shells-goes-viral/?cxntfid=blogs_food_and_more

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