Vacation dating?

Before you board that flight to jet off to some sexy location, you should consider your intent to date on vacation. I have heard so many people whine about the dating prospects in Atlanta who  manage to easily meet other people in other cities. Sometimes in other countries!

Dating on vacation is something to think about.  The likelihood of a long distance relationship is higher.  Would you be willing to contend with distance if you met so someone wonderful while vacationing?

Why do you think we meet and mingle with more success in other cities?  I can remember having a serious dry spell for such a long time. Literally en route to the airport, all kinds of male attention. Was I suddenly more approachable since I was relaxed  and happy to be on vacation? It is possible that I was!

I have met and exchanged numbers with people while I was vacationing in New York, South Africa, and even Jamaica. Vacation dating has its perks! Have you ever tried it?

Some people even turn their vacation fling into a full fledge relationship.  I think the lesson here is be open to the possibilities! What do you have to lose. Oh, one tip though: Make sure they are truly single.  You don’t want to have an awkward conversation with someone’s angry spouse.  It is quite unpleasant. Trust me.

by Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta

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