What if you are the rebound?

One of the most frustrating misadventures in dating is meeting Mr/Miss Wonderful only to  find out you two have bad timing. Actually, it’s awful when only one of you has bad timing because you are being used as a rebound relationship.

There is no need to panic when faced with this conundrum, though. Technically, we are all someone’s rebound.  This is only a real problem when it is clear that the person you are seeing is still hung up in an emotional or physical tug-of-war with their ex.

Whenever the ex is still in the picture,  a relapse is possible.  One of our readers suspects that her new relationship is a rebound for him.  He slipped up and referred to her using his ex’s name.  Has that ever happened to you? Do you think this means he is not over his ex?

What do you do when you realize you are the rebound?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta

Source Article from http://blogs.ajc.com/misadventures-in-atlanta/2013/06/17/what-if-you-are-the-rebound/?cxntfid=blogs_misadventures_in_atlanta

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