Worried about marital sex?

My friend Howard has serious concerns about his sex life after he gets married.  He is convinced that married couples lose interest with one another after the first year.  Of course, he is getting his paranoia reinforced from all his married friends who tell him married sex is boring.

I have heard Howard and many guy friends  express actual anxiety about their sex drives, their physical attraction to their future mates waning, and other issues married men face.   Guess what, though. WOMEN FACE THE SAME ISSUES.

I get so annoyed when men talk as if they are the only one who worries about this kind of thing.  Do men think women can’t or don’t get bored too?  We can’t spend all our time reassuring you about your concerns because we are working through them too.  Why can’t this kind of thing be handled together, though?

I remember asking my newly married friend how she was going to handle it if or when the sex gets stale.  She basically said that she was committed to doing what she needed to do to fix it.  She made her husband promise to be honest when he wasn’t satisfied and she would do the same.

What is it about marital sex that makes single people apprehensive?  Unless you have a rocking sex life as a single person, why is there an expectation for marriage to be totally different?

Maybe some of us have unrealistic expectations about how many times a week a couple has sex.  Is this kind of thing important to talk about when considering marriage?

By Wise Diva, Misadventures in Atlanta

Source Article from http://blogs.ajc.com/misadventures-in-atlanta/2013/06/19/worried-about-marital-sex/?cxntfid=blogs_misadventures_in_atlanta

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