When Quinn the new coach gets here, will everybody jump for joy?

It’s not a stretch to call this a good hire. (AP photo/Ted S. Warren) I know I’ve spent the past few weeks whinging — it’s a British word that means pretty much as it sounds — about the Atlanta Falcons’ offseason moves. (To recap: No, I don’t understand why Thomas Dimitroff wasn’t fired along with […]

Georgia Tech basketball hits a new low (28 points in 40 minutes)

For the Jackets, a night of frustration. (Andrew Shurtleff/AP photo) Georgia Tech scored 28 points against Virginia on Thursday, the Jackets’ most meager output since the 1946-47 season, when there was no 3-point shot and Billy Packer was in grade school. Two other teams — Rutgers with 26 points, Harvard with 27 — have fared […]

Fifteen in a row for those irresistible Atlanta Hawks

They just don’t lose. (Curtis Compton/AJC photo) Fifteen in a row, and they’re not really straining. Fifteen in a row, with nary a fluke in the bunch. Fifteen in a row for the Atlanta Hawks. Fifteen in a row on surpassing merit. Fifteen in a row, with No. 15 coming against Oklahoma City, which has […]

Tax-credit scholarships are welfare for the wealthy? Hardly

Georgia students attend a school choice rally in Atlanta, January 2014. (AJC/Kent D. Johnson) If we wait long enough, critics of Georgia’s tax-credit scholarships just might admit the data we have about the program present a different picture than the one they’ve been drawing. Three years ago, complaints about opacity prompted legislators to require more […]

Obama’s war on middle-class savings

They misspelled “middling.” (Jamie Squire/Getty Images) Among other things, the Obama era will be known as a bad time for savers. Now the president is proposing to go from a policy of malign neglect to actual punishment. To understand the depth of the recklessness in President Obama’s proposals — including an end to preferential tax […]

The GOP way

(The following is an imaginary phone conversation between two Georgia Republicans.) “Howdy, Johnson. It was great seeing you and the missus at the inaugural gala last week.” “Likewise, Brown. I’m glad our guy pulled it off in November.” “Yep, and now it looks like he and the legislators are tackling some of those big issues […]