Stall, lie, cheat — it’s Patriots’ way, and perfectly timed (updated)

New England coach Bill Belichick throws himself on the mercy of the court. OK, not really. (AP photo) (Updated with Tom Brady comments.) Bill Belichick says he doesn’t know anything about deflated footballs. “I have no explanation for what happened,” he said. Of course not. Because I’m sure there are a number of things that […]

Matt Ryan doesn’t believe deflating footballs is the norm

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, who’s in Arizona for Pro Bowl, likes footballs worn but not deflated. (AP photo) The New England Patriots’ deflated footballs’ story has been an atypical blend of NFL controversy and fifth-grade humor. You know it’s different when even Sarah Ryan, the wife of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, is putting a screen […]

Super Bowl: Brady says ‘feelings got hurt’ by accusations (really?)

New England’s three heads of state — Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft — spoke at Monday’s rally in Boston. (AP photo) PHOENIX — The New England Patriots are scheduled to arrive in Arizona later today and hold their first media session of Super Bowl week tonight (8 p.m.), during which there figures to […]

The gospel truth to get you into the weekend

When you call your backup band “the Roseland Rhythm Revue”, you embrace certain expectations about your sound and your intentions. In just about everything I’ve heard from him, Mike Farris meets and exceeds those expectations. Have a great weekend!   Article source:

Ga. transportation policy is a road to nowhere

Yet only 36 percent said they would support a higher gasoline tax to pay for those transportation improvements. Fifty-nine percent oppose it. Only 4 percent identified transportation as the most important issue facing Georgia. So if you’re a state legislator looking for an excuse to duck a tough vote on transportation taxes — particularly if […]

The GOP’s ‘Palin problem’ is much bigger than one person

I tried. I tried to watch Sarah Palin’s 35-minute speech to the Iowa Freedom Summit, right after she had declared herself “seriously interested” in running for president. I could not come close to finishing it, largely because the embarrassment I felt on her behalf was more than I could bear. I finally ended her misery […]

A lost teen. A caring counselor. A good community college. A successful man.

Noel F. Khalil is founder and principal of Columbia Residential, a leading affordable housing developer based in Atlanta. In this essay, Khalil explains why he supports President Obama’s proposal to make community college free. He says a community college played a major role in his career success. By Noel F. Khalil Growing up in the […]

Druid Hills annexation: ‘Creating more problems than solutions’

A Druid Hills Middle School teacher shared a compelling letter he wrote to legislators about annexation. If annexed into Atlanta and APS, Druid Hills High School would lose some of the communities that now call the school their own. Many folks contend the annexation effort is an attempt to pressure DeKalb Schools into reconsidering the […]

Importing foreign teachers in DeKalb and other places: Exploitation or good business?

AJC reporter Chris Joyner has done a great investigation on foreign teachers being imported to Georgia to fill voids, especially in DeKalb. Shaheen Begum (right), a science teacher recruited from India to teach at Chamblee High School, gets a hug from one of her students. To get such talented teachers, the districts go through recruiting […]